DSI Fundraiser Giving Levels

An Overview of Funders’ Return on Investment:

Dynamic Solutions Industries seeks to find founding funders who share our desire for upfront funding leading to long-term relationships and mutual, perpetual benefits for the life of the company.  That is why we use the Wildcatters approach to funding.  This unique funding process stems from the oil boom days in Texas and Oklahoma when oil prospectors would ask people in their circles of contact to put up the money on a site that the wildcatter viewed as ripe for striking oil and bringing in an oil well.

While we don’t deal in bringing in oil wells, we have successfully used the Wildcatters funding and perpetual ROI process for our funders in another of our companies, Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs, Inc. (www.cleanplanetmfg.com). Through this process, we seek funders who are deemed financially sophisticated enough to bear the financial risks that underlie new endeavors.  We have funding references available for validation of this process and how well it is working for Clean Planet and its funders. 



Through this giving plan, our funders receive a percentage of all product sales until they have regained their initial funding amount.  From that point forward, they continue to receive perpetual product sales income at a reduced percentage rate.  

For this founding fundraiser to launch Dynamic Solutions Industries, each funding level has been assigned the following percentages on return.  The first percentage figure represents the percentage that is paid out to funder on each product sold until the initial funding amount is recovered.  The second figure represents the after-initial-funds recovery percentage amount that is paid to funder on each product sold going forward for the life of the company under current ownership.  This second percentage amount also represents the percentage paid the funder when DSI ownership transfers either through outright sale of the company, or acquisition of the company, or merger and acquisition of the company:

The Waymakers - 3.5% / 2% 

The Humanitarians – 2.5% /1%

The Visionaries – 1.5%/ .75%

The Beacons - .5% / .25%

The Waymakers 

Funders donating $500K+ -providing the way forward for mass-scale production and delivery of pathogen-free public spaces products and personal comfort products for society at-large

The Humanitarians 

Funders donating $100K - $499K – providing for product testing, prototyping, and early-stage roll out and marketing of DSI products

The Visionaries 

Funders donating $50K-$99K – providing for research and early-stage development of human wellness and environmental protection products

The Beacons

Funders donating below $50K to light the way and help DSI meet its day-to-day operational expenses