Environmental Sustainability


DSI's environmental sustainability focus is on green commerce in all aspects of the global supply chain.  Preliminary R&D steps are underway now for the first product designed to help the automotive industry improve its green commerce posture when DSI rolls out its Phase II product line. 

Our focus on the environmental side of social responsibility, coupled with our commitment to green commerce, which is validated by our processes for R&D and manufacturing of our products, qualifies us for membership in the Council on Environmental Standards.  That association holds its members to the highest standards of environmental accountability.  We are honored to be a part of that group of supply chain sustainability stewards.  


DSI appreciates nurses and the servants' hearts they bring to the frontline of care and service for all who need them. That is why we have built into our business plan our support for USA nurses through the DSI Nurses Appreciation Fund, which will receive 5.25% of every wellness product DSI sells.

Community Outreach

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