Dynamic Solutions Industries (DSI)

Pathogen Free Enclosed Spaces & Revolutionary Pain Relief

DSI is a startup company focused on designing, developing, and delivering products that are good for people and the environment. 


We can't wait to roll out our first line of products, but there's a lot to put in place before we do.  Right now, we are busy developing prototypes, lining up test groups, completing  our patents and trademarks processes, defining our marketing channels, and of course, securing investment dollars to help us get there. 

Our patent pending Phase I products are in development now and consist of: 1) a revolutionary system for removing COVID and other pathogens from shared spaces, making it possible to keep families, businesses, schools, churches, and other domestic and global gathering spaces for human interaction and commerce open, functional, and free of deadly airborne viruses; and, 2) an industry- changing line of in-home wellness products for treating aching, swollen and painful necks, feet, legs, backs, knees, and other joints and muscles.  These products represent the next generation of home therapy relief without the use of heating pads, or other products that must be microwaved, frozen, or infused or coated with medications to be effective.

This site is our command post.  Come back often to visit and for updates on our roll out progress. 

Judy Williams,


Like Minds Come Together

Here at our beginning, we are excited to note that we have reached an agreement with Studio 360 Apparel to serve as DSI's official screen print and embroidery partner for our special give away and other promotional items. 


We selected Studio 360, not only because of its quality work and customer service, but also because we share a common passion for helping our nation's nurses, and others on the front lines of defense when things go wrong in peoples' lives. 

As we work to take Phase I from design to proofing and product delivery to our customers, we want to go ahead right here at the start to tell you about our plan to support our nation's nurses. 

Once our wellness products are available for purchase, customers will be able to designate a portion of their purchase amounts (5.25%) to the DSI Nurses Appreciation Fund , which supports our Virginia nurses from Augusta, Rockbridge and Rockingham Counties needing financial assistance due to catastrophic illness.  DSI will start locally in the communities where we live and work and will expand nationally as demands increase. 

Until DSI's Wellbeing products become available for purchase, you can participate in this program now.   We encourage you to help support our local nurses by visiting Studio 360 at www.studio360.bz. Studio 360 will also donate 5.25% of each Studio purchase to the DSI Nurses Appreciation Fund to help our front line wellness defenders ... our NURSES…



Seeking Test Group Participants

Do you find yourself in agony everyday with foot pain at work, home, or play? If so...

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